• Low-emission spreading
  • Even spread
  • Strong build quality
  • Flow meter ready
  • Hydraulic hoses and rams protected inside galvanised chassis

Slurryquip again apply the same logical approach to their spreading systems as they do to the rest of their range.

It gives the customer the same flexibility and allows them to build their system as the go.

What we have done is again very simple, we built a very compact and functional central chassis which allows us also pick up reelers and operate.

Slurryquip Dribble Bars are available for umbilical systems or tanker mounting and are available from 7 to 15 meters.

All machines have precision macerators to ensure even distribution of effluent and excellent chopping of materials. Any Slurryquip reelers can be picked up and carried with all Slurryquip spreaders.

All machines have a forward mounted pivot for easy turning and pivot is mounted in a special plastic bush to ensure smooth trouble free operation.


  • Most efficent systems
  • Less ground compaction
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Galvanised standard
  • Quality Backup
  • Outputs 300m3/hr
  • Specializing in umblical systems since 1994
  • Market leading New Zealand & Australia

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