Double Macerator

Slurryquip’s Double Macerator has a headboard installed as the centre chassis. Therefore, a reel can be picked up and dropped out with ease.

  • Low-emission spreading
  • Even Spread
  • Strong build quality
  • Flow meter ready
The full dribble bar is very visible from the cab of the tractor. Even when the dribble bar is folded, there is space between the macerators on the arms for visibility.
There is always the option of doing all your reeling up from the front of the tractor. This is no different with the double macerator.
The booms are raised for spreading on uneven ground.
We run 50mm pipes. This not only gives a great output, but there are rarely blockages in our pipes.
The system is customisable to suit the customers needs. So you can be sure you will receive what you are looking for.


  • Most efficent systems
  • Less ground compaction
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Galvanised standard
  • Quality Backup
  • Outputs 300m3/hr
  • Specializing in umblical systems since 1994
  • Market leading New Zealand & Australia

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