• Turning is very easy with a 190 degree swinging tail
  • All rams and hydraulic hoses are completely protected within the galvanised chassis
  • Same chassis as Slurryquip dribble bar (easy to convert into one)
  • Flow meter ready
  • Ideal for the hilly country


With the same central chassis as our dribble bar it is easy to change from a double jet to a dribble bar at any stage just by getting a change over pack.

We have cleverly inclined the two arms to allow for working on heavily undulating terrain such as in many parts of New Zealand, this is a simple common sense approach to protect the machine.

Also a unique feature is the swinging arm, it is not a seperate chassis carrying a pipe but just a pipe that swings, the benefits of this are that it has the ability to swing under the rest of the machine while turning, this eliminates the need for a three point turn so less slurry on the headland for more polution control.


  • Most efficent systems
  • Less ground compaction
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Galvanised standard
  • Quality Backup
  • Outputs 300m3/hr
  • Specializing in umblical systems since 1994
  • Market leading New Zealand & Australia

The picture below shows how a small tractor can spread 250 m3/hr at tick over.

Here we have a spreading width of 20m and causing no compaction or over spreading.

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