Investing in a spreading system is a very big step for anyone and if its the first one it is more important than ever to get the foundations correct at the start.

  • All reels are a standard size - keeping things simple
  • Easy to use
  • Reels drop out
  • On 3point linkage
  • Fully galvanised
  • 2 Hydraulic motors
  • Strong build
  • Lazer cut sides

Nobody should be restricting future growth or ability to change by buying the wrong initial eqiupment, with a bit of extra care this will not happen.

In fact as many reels as one wants can be added with only the cost of one reel lifter, keeping it affordable for the farmer.

Due to the front reeelers ease of use we have made a reeler that does both so simply, your reel of hose on the back can be dropped out and operated from the front easily, it can also be picked up with a loader.

Over the years the development of more user friendly mounted reelers has placed them now as the favourite option over trailed reelers.

Reels can carry any size with the option to put dividers in place.

We have developed a reel to meet all credentials and if a user wants to add more hose he can by simply buying a new drop out reel and use his original reel lifter. 


  • Most efficent systems
  • Less ground compaction
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Galvanised standard
  • Quality Backup
  • Outputs 300m3/hr
  • Specializing in umblical systems since 1994
  • Market leading New Zealand & Australia


The reel capacity is approximately

4" - 1200m

5" - 1000m

6" - 800m
(depending on type of hose and couplings)

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